Moving Policies & Procedures

Tenant Responsibilities Prior to Moving Out

Contact all vendors to discontinue service at this building.
Upon leaving the building, turn over your office keys and/or card keys to the Management Office.
Follow “Moving Procedures” described below in executing your move.
Provide forwarding address to the Management Office.

General Information

In an effort to act in the best interests of the tenant and to protect the property, the following policies regarding movement of office furniture and equipment into or out of your suite must be adhered to. Before engaging a moving or delivery company, please contact our office no later than one week prior to any move at (303) 595-7025 and discuss your arrangements with the Management Office. Direct all correspondence to Jones Lang LaSalle, 1625 Broadway, Suite 1430, Denver, CO 80202.

Only small moves are permitted during regular business hours for tenants of multi-tenant floors. Larger moves (requiring more than one elevator trip) must be coordinated through the Management Office.

To be provided by Tenant

  • Tenant must provide to the Management Office a completed After Hours Authorization form
  • Date of move.
  • Time periods the elevator will be needed (if applicable)
  • Elevators will not be locked of for single tenant use.
  • Name of tenant contact person.
  • Name of the moving or delivery company and contact person.
  • Certificate of Insurance for moving company forwarded to the Management Office.

This certificate should show evidence of insurance in the name of the moving company in the amounts specified for all contractors entering the buildings. For insurance limits please see Insurance Requirements section of the Policies and Procedures of this manual.

If tenant is removing property prior to move out, a Property Removal form must be submitted to the Management Office prior to removal, faxed to 303-595-7015 or hand delivered.

Special Requirements

The Management Office should be advised in writing of any special requirements in connection with the move. For example, if supplies, equipment, etc., are expected prior to the move, arrangements must be made for access to the tenant suite.

General Procedures

  • All items moved in or moved out must be taken to the loading dock and taken away immediately. There is no storing of items in the loading dock.
  • No items are to be moved through the main lobbies.
  • Movers must contact the Dock Office prior to loading or unloading tenant materials or furniture. The mover will be required to provide identification and state the name of the tenant being moved.
  • Only the freight elevator is to be used.
  • No moves are allowed Monday through Friday between 7:00am and 6:00pm unless previously authorized and scheduled by the Management Office and Security.


The moving company and the tenant will be responsible for leaving the Building and premises clean by removing from the Property all cartons and other trash generated in the move.

Property Damage

  • Any and all damage to the Building, elevator areas, doors, corridors, tenant spaces, or grounds which the tenant, moving company or its employees or agents cause will be the responsibility of the tenant. Required repairs will be accomplished by the Landlord with the expense billed to the responsible tenant.
  • The following section defines specific information that the tenant’s mover should be aware of. A copy of this section should be given to those moving companies bidding on your move.
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