Loading Dock and Freight Elevator
  1. All contractors, sub-contractors, workmen, and suppliers are required to use the loading dock entrance and freight elevators to gain access to and from floors under construction. AT NO TIME SHALL THE PASSENGER ELEVATORS BE USED. Entry or exit to construction floors through the street level lobby freight elevator is also prohibited.

  2. All deliveries must be made through the loading dock. The delivery of merchandise, supplies, fixtures and other materials or goods of any nature to and from the premises and all loading, unloading and handling shall be done only at such times as designated below. All delivery equipment must be equipped with rubber wheels or tires to prevent damage to flooring. Wheels must be kept clean to avoid carpet soiling. Property Management is not responsible for deliveries left at the loading dock.
    • Delivery persons are responsible to log-in deliveries, stating company name, delivery person’s name, type of vehicle and license number, time in and destination. If it is determined the driver is abusing the dock privileges, a Denver City parking ticket will be issued and the vehicle may be towed at owner’s expense. All delivery personnel must strictly comply with the directions of the loading dock personnel.
    • Drivers are not allowed to leave truck motors running during deliveries.
    • During deliveries, vehicle keys must be left with the loading dock attendant.
    • After freight has been delivered, drivers must move their vehicles from the dock as soon as possible. Deliveries shall be limited to 30 minutes during normal business hours. NO EXCEPTIONS SHALL BE MADE. Major moves and deliveries must be scheduled within designated times.
    • All accidents must be reported to Property Management, loading dock personnel, or security immediately. An Incident Report must be completed in all accident cases. The General Contractor and/or his vendors are fully responsible for any damages.
    • The speed limit is 5 M.P.H.
    • Delivery equipment may be signed out at the loading dock. A photo I.D. must be left while equipment is signed out. Said equipment must be returned within one hour unless other arrangements have been made.

  3. The loading dock is located at the corner of 16th and Court Place and has a clearance of 9’10” and an entry width of 10’0”. The dock hours are 7:00 AM - 6:00 PM, Monday through Friday. All major deliveries (those requiring more than 30 minutes of dock time) and after hours deliveries may only be performed between the hours of 6:00 PM and 7:00 AM Monday through Thursday, and any time after 6:00 PM on Friday through Sunday. These deliveries must be scheduled through the Property Management Office at 303-595-7025, 24 hours advance notice required.

  4. In 1625 Broadway, the freight elevator serves floors C-2 through floor 29. In 1675 Broadway, one designated freight elevator serves floor C-1 through floor 15 and one designated freight elevator serves C-1 and floors 16 through 29. (During business hours these elevators serve as passenger shuttles to the parking levels). Freight elevators are available for use from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM, Monday through Friday for normal deliveries (30-minute loading / unloading only). Elevators may not be reserved.

  5. Freight elevator use requiring a top car ride or roof-hatch removal (i.e. large materials) will require three days' advance notice and General Contractor will be charged for an elevator mechanic’s time.

  6. Construction crews must provide their own parking. Loading dock rules prohibit parking in the loading dock. Unauthorized vehicles will be ticketed and towed at owner’s expense. Parking off-site will be at General Contractor’s expense.

  7. Delivery of materials must be scheduled after hours. The General Contractor must schedule with the Property Management Office.

  8. Elevators are used for the movement of DEC personnel (custodial, engineering, security and other delivery personnel) and must be accommodated. EXCLUSIVE USE OF THE FREIGHT ELEVATORS CANNOT BE SCHEDULED.
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