Tenant Responsibilities
  1. Tenants must assign specific employees to serve as Fire Wardens, Drill Coordinators, and other emergency staff.

  2. In accordance with Fire Department guidelines, responsibility for the planning and conduct of drills shall be assigned to the Building Management Team.

  3. Those assigned as Drill Coordinators, Fire Wardens or Assistants must attend training sessions (Fire Warden Training) a minimum of once a year. These trainings are coordinated / scheduled by Building Management. Attendance at all training sessions will be recorded by building management.

  4. Tenants are responsible for keeping a list updated weekly of employees with mobility impairments at the Management Office. A copy will be provided to the Fire Command Center.

  5. Per the Denver Fire Department’s recommendation, Building fire drills are held annually. The Denver Fire Department’s Fire Prevention Bureau attempts to observe and make recommendations on one drill per year.