Water Interruption or Flood

Water Interruption

A temporary interruption of the water supply may result in the disruption of building services. Without water, it is not possible to maintain sanitary conditions or building cooling systems. Additionally, water interruption limits the Fire Department’s ability to extinguish fires.


In the event of a flood, we will evacuate and close the affected areas of the building. Flooding can cause great harm to electrical equipment that serves the building and disrupts the sanitary water supply.

If there is a slow water leak (not considered a flood) in the restroom or a tenant space, please inform the Building Management Office or immediately. Notify the Fire Command Center if after hours by calling 303-595-7049.

Because of the extreme danger generated by floods and subsequent electrical problems, in the event of an actual flood:

  1. Evacuate the area to a dry and safe place.
  2. Call Building Management at 303-595-7025.
  3. Call 911 for the Fire Department.
  4. Explain the location of flood and probable cause, giving the building’s address.

Follow these same procedures should the sprinkler system release within the building.