Denver Energy Center is a strong supporter of environmental efforts, employing single-stream recycling. This means that all recyclable items (paper, aluminum cans, plastic bottles, etc.) can be placed in the same bin. The night-time janitorial crew will then dispose of the recycling. Each tenant should supply desk side recycling containers for each person in the office. Items that can be put in the container are:

White & Colored Paper Magazines, newspapers (and inserts)
Brochures & Pamphlets Photocopy & Typing Paper
All envelopes, including junk-mail Office Correspondence
Books (hard or soft cover) Paper Clips
Coated Paper (shiny) Plastic Tabs
Adding Machine Tape Manuals with Glue Bindings
File Folders (even the hanging style with metal) Carbonless Receipts
Post-It Notes Staples and Clamps
Legal & Steno Pads Wire & Plastic Spirals
Cardboard boxes (must be broken down) Aluminum Cans
Glass bottle and jars only Soup Cans, small metal pieces
Plastic bottles only, no tubs  

If Tenants have questions regarding the recycling of a particular item, please contact the Management Office.

Each desk-side can should be recycling only, with one main “wet” trashcan located in a central location within each office. Wet trash or food waste, consists of any item that cannot be recycled and ultimately contributes to the landfills. Please be conscious of what is thrown away vs. what is recycled. It is imperative that the recycling containers contain only the categories described above.

The Management Office appreciates our tenants’ participation in this important recycling program!

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